As much as I don't like to recommend "chain" stores, I have to hand it to CT. They are extremely easy to deal with, and quick with quality service. After being burned by other places (some competing for this category), I won't go anywahere else.
– TK 421. @ClickonDetroit

Car Tint Window Tinting

It's just cooler.

Professional window tinting is one of the easiest – and least expensive – ways to enhance the style of your ride. Car Tint installations are done right and meant to last - no peeling, purple, bubbling mess. You won't find higher quality or a more competitive price.

We use only high-quality SolarGard®, materials designed to stand up to the elements, and our scratch-resistant coating looks better, performs harder, and lasts longer. Our ultra-strong mounting adhesives provide maximum durability, and our comprehensive manufacturer-backed warranty offers lifetime coverage for many tints.

Car Tint® is available at all 6 Car Tunes locations, and with dozens of tints to choose from, we’ll find the shade for you have you back on the road in no time.

Benefits of Car Tint Window Tinting

Keep your cool.

Tinted windows are literally cooler – a good tint can keep your vehicle's interior up to 60% cooler on hot summer days. If you're reading this in January, that may not seem so important, but all we can say is… late July in Michigan.

A little privacy, please?

Sure. No problem. Just tint your ride and stay inside. Plus, tinting helps reduce “smash & grab” theft – a burglar can't steal the stuff in your car if he doesn't see the stuff in your car.

Protect your investment.

Hey, this is your car. Your baby. The sun's UV rays can cause your vehicle's interior to crack, fade, and age prematurely. Tinting your windows is like putting sunscreen on your car.

Protect your skin.

The same rays that can cause your car interior to crack, fade, and age prematurely can do the same to your skin – and cause skin cancer. By tinting your vehicle windows, you can block up to 99% of these harmful UV rays.

A glaring problem.

Tinting your car windows can help reduce glare from sunshine, snow, and traffic. Not to mention those nasty glares from other drivers.

Fear of flying.

In case of accidents, it's been observed that tint film can often help hold shattered windows together, helping protect you and your passengers from flying glass.