Park Assist Systems

You don’t need to buy a new car to have the very latest in park assist technology. Your friendly neighborhood Car Tunes experts can install a Factory Authorized OEM park assist system in your existing car.


Park Assist

The Professionals at Car Tunes are ready to upgrade your old ride with some new technology. You love your car, she’s been good to you, now be good to her and give her an update in technology with a Park Assist System. No more scuff marks, bumping into obstructions, no more trying to remember how much your insurance deductible is. Schedule your appointment today.


Say Goodbye To Blind Spots

A lot of today’s vehicles have horrible blind spots. No matter where you place your mirrors, it seems you still can’t see everything. The answer? Park Assist. Car Tunes Installers are Factory Authorized and ready to install your Park Assist System. They’re easy to install and they’re less expensive than your deductible.

We can update your older ride, with new technology. We’ll help you keep your car up to date with the latest in safety, communication, and let’s not forget great sound. You don’t need to buy a new car to get the creature comforts you’re craving. Considering that we can install a Park Assist system for less than the down payment of a new car, what are you waiting for?