The ultimate radar detector and laser defense in one display. Backed by the exclusive TICKET FREE GUARANTEE.
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Detection For The Driven.

Your days of compromise are over. We have packaged the highest-performing radar detector in the world, that can integrate with the most advanced laser defense in the world, all in one discreet display. No other ticket prevention system on the planet offer a remote, concealed radar detector, that integrates seamlessly with the AL Priority laser defense system, and provides a 1-year of ticket free guarantee.


Real Drivers Radar.
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Radenso RC M Features

  • Extreme Radar Detection Range
  • Front and Rear Arrows
  • Full Laser Defense (Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit required)
  • Removable Magnetic OLED display
  • All radar and laser alerts on a single display
  • Waterproof antenna
  • GPS lockouts for stationary false alerts
  • Red Light & Speed Camera alerts
  • Low Speed GPS auto-muting (automatically mutes based on speed)
  • Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) false alert filtering
  • Traffic Sensor Rejection (TSR) false filter for traffic sensors
  • Voice alerts with 260 different messages
  • Updatable firmware and camera database with free lifetime updates
  • Stealth to radar detector detectors (VG2 / Spectre Elite) (10+ feet)
  • Display Modes: Bright, Dim, Smart Dark (small dot scrolls across the display until an alert), Dark (display is dark until an alert)
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • 1 year radar ticket free guarantee
  • 1 year laser ticket free guarantee (Radenso RC M AL Priority Laser Defense Kit required)
  • US telephone and email support
  • Learn more about the Ticket Free Guarantee