Omega RS-370 Remote Starter




The RS-370 offers the latest in security and convenience technology. When upgraded with Omega’s ECHO 2-way technology, you can keep the status of your vehicle right at your fingertips! Intuitive ECHO upgrade reporting gives you real-time alerts for all security and convenience functions. The built-in remote start capability will keep your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our state-of-the-art vehicle security platform offers unsurpassed vehicle protection that can only be offered by Excalibur’s 30+ year legacy.

• Two 433MHz 4-button, 1-way remotes
• Up to 1,500 ft of range
• ECHO compatible
• Powered by the RS-X70 module
• Dual data ports – now auto-detects protocol independently
• Vehicle Learn Mode – faster than programming!
• Self-diagnoses RS connections
• Full Security Suite built-in
• Random Horn Honk Alert
• Low temperature & low volt auto start
• Data shock sensor compatible
• Stick shift compatible
• XL Pit Stop Mode – runs for 12 hours

*Additional parts may be necessary based on your vehicle.