No More Blind Spots

Yes, you can have the safety features of today’s new vehicles without the cost. Stop into your closest Car Tunes location and speak with one of our specialists about installing our Factory Authorized blind spot sensors in your vehicle today.


Blind Spot Sensors

If your car was built before blindspot sensors were standard equipment you’ve probably had at least one close call while switching lanes. After the obligatory “Sorry” wave, you probably took a second to catch your breath, thinking of what might have been. Those days are over! All 6 area Car Tunes locations are ready to bump up the safety on your ride. Schedule your appointment today!


Keeping You and Your Passengers Safe.

Triggered by your turn signals, advanced microwave radar technology identifies moving objects (such as cars), in your side blind spots. With extreme accuracy, you are able to avoid potential accidents with the system’s visual and audible alert. We’ll install the signals inside your vehicle, easily seen within the line of sight of the rear view mirrors. The sensors mounted on the outside of the vehicle will detect moving vehicles in your blind spot up to 50ft. away.